We are located in the middle of beautiful farmland in the heart of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania

Our physical address: 4915 East White Oak Road, Paradise, PA.


Download an application here, and email it to [email protected] Lifeguard training information can be found here: Nickel Mines Guard training

   P O O L    M E M B E R S H I P S    
F A M I L Y    F U N    A L L    S U M M E R    L O N G ! !

We offer memberships for families and individuals. In person membership registration is welcome. First time members - membership registration is NOT accepted on holidays or weekends.

If you are just interested in visiting for the day, our daily rates are below. 

We are very family oriented and love to see everyone having FUN, but also keep everyone safe. We have two slides in the big pool only for those who CAN swim on their own - if your child cannot swim, they are not permitted on the slide! The same rule goes for the deep end of the big pool - if your child cannot swim the width of the deep end, they are not permitted in that area of the pool! Parents are responsible to watch their OWN children and to ensure they are in areas of the pool that are appropriate for their abilities!! 

We highly recommend bringing your own beach chair as pool chairs are limited on busy days!

WALK-INS WELCOME! (2021 rates)


Adults (18 & up) - $13.00

Kids - $10.00

Senior Citizens (60+) - $10.00

EVENING RATES (after 4pm):

Adults (18 & up) - $10.00

Kids - $8.00

Senior Citizens (60+) - $8.00

**Walk-in hours are 12:30pm -7pm Monday-Saturday. 12:30-6:00 Sunday.

**Please note that members may bring walk-ins as their "guests". The price for adults is $10, children and Senior citizens are $8. Guests are permitted to attend during member hours.

A   L I T T L E   A B O U T   O U R   S W I M   L E S S O N S...

We offer private swim lessons or group lessons, however, we are not booking private swim lessons for 2021. We have a wonderful staff of instructors, they're all great with kids and love what they do! Swim lessons are an excellent way to build your child's confidence in the water. It's like a very good friend of mine once said to me "it's so sad when you hear on the news that someone drown in a pond, lake, pool etc., when it may have been prevented had he/she known how to swim". It is so much easier to learn how to swim when you're young. *Please remember, some children learn faster than others do. Lots of praise, at the end of class will go a long way! And patience too.  GROUP LESSON start as early as AGE 18 months. At the top of the page, follow the "swim lessons" tab for more information!


Bring your own sign to hang on the pool fence all summer long for $50. Any size is permitted, as long as it fits on the fence(4'x8' is suggested). Second year advertising $35

A few of the simple & obvious ways to get involved are:

Purchase a membership

Come swim for the day, bring your friends, neighbors, and/or family.

Eat at our snack stand. We have a variety of great food or ORDER TAKE OUT  

 POOL HOURS  & SCHEDULE            

OPEN May 29th-31st; CLOSED June 1st-4th; OPEN FULLTIME on June 5th through the summer

POOL HOURS for members and their guests: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-7pm and Sunday 12:00-6:00

POOL HOURS for walk-ins who are NOT accompanied by members start at 12:30 PM until close, everyday

(*pool hours are subject to weather and school hours) 

Open days vary mid-August, depending on staff availability and weather. We do our best if it's HOT

N I C K E L    M I N E S    P O O L  -   S P R I N G    F E D ??        

Yes, rumor has it Nickel Mines Pool is spring fed. This is true, our water comes from the many many fresh springs on the property.

Some people think this makes the pool water colder; This is not true. Our water still goes through the well and then through our water conditioning system. Our water heats up from the sun just the same as any other pool. The water temperature can range from 75 to 90 degrees through the summer depending on the air temperature. Average around 79-84 degrees.   

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